What if you
could travel back in time, whenever and as often as you liked?  Would you fix your mistakes or just dig yourself into a deeper hole?



For five years, Herbert’s been the assistant manager at a Mulligans Superstore.  In all that time he’s failed to win a promotion while others moved ahead — a discouraging situation to say the least.  Wallowing in self-pity, he decides to steal the proceeds from his store’s biggest sale of the year.  But Herbert’s plan runs off the rails when he accidentally time travels using a government agency’s time machine that was mistakenly delivered to his store a few days earlier.  Now, his only hope of avoiding jail time is to put the device back to work, again and again.  He has to go back in time and convince Mulligans’ newest employee Amy to sleep with him the night the money goes missing, thereby providing him with an ironclad alibi.  The problem is Amy’s no pushover and Herbert’s no Romeo, so sparks fly, and the situation may just be volatile enough to tear a hole in the very fabric of space and time!
Six 22-page Issues.